Why Study at TKI?

To answer this question honestly we have to ask you a question… “Why do you want to study martial arts?” There are many valid reasons for wanting to study martial arts. What’s most important to you? How does that relate to studying at Triangle Kenpo Institute?

COMPETITION: To be honest Triangle Kenpo Institute is not competition oriented. We may attend the occasional martial arts tournament or inter-school get together, but it’s more so for folks to build their confidence and foster camaraderie, but competing just for the sake of competing is not what we are about.

 TRADITION: Here at TKI we highly respect those that have come before us. We recognize the contributions they’ve made and honor them in that regard. We respect tradition, but are not restricted by it.

CONFIDENCE: Confidence is a natural result of our training. Learning new skills and knowing you can use them develops a healthy perspective on your capabilities and your limitations.

FITNESS: In our classes we work hard at what we do. The very nature of a good, solid Kenpo workout will push you to your limits, but not at the expense of learning. When you leave each session you will know you’ve worked out physically and mentally.

SELF DEFENSE: The study of self defense is the heart of Triangle Kenpo Institute. Kenpo is specifically designed to be a self defense system. In today’s world it’s unfortunate that we have to think about it, but it is a reality. Kenpo is a technique-based system, meaning it uses pre-arranged sets of movements against personal attacks as a starting point to developing your skills. At your very first Kenpo lesson you will learn things that will help you in a self defense encounter.

Different martial arts, even different martial arts schools, will have different goals. If you’re interested in solid self-defense training with tangible results, give us a call.

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