What is Kenpo?

Kenpo is an art that anyone can learn.  It is based on the natural movements of the body. It is usable, sensible and easy to learn.

Kenpo is a system of self-defense, not a sport.The movements are quick, concise and to the point. Kenpo engages opponents on multiple levels at multiple ranges. It uses all of the body’s natural weapons defensively.

Kenpo has a strong emphasis on practical and effective self-defense techniques. These techniques are practiced until they become second nature. Students learn defenses against: punches, kicks, holds, grabs, locks, pushes and sticks/clubs and multiple attackers.

Kenpo uses the body reaction of the opponent to gain control of a situation. Kenpo students not only learn multiple defensive techniques, but also how to blend them in order to have the maximum number of possible responses to an attacker’s movements.

Kenpo allows the defender to choose. The defender decides how much force, if any, is necessary to resolve the conflict.

Kenpo is:

-Circular and linear in its movement.

-Hard and soft in its response.

-Direct and evasive in its approach

-Rigid and flexible in its method.

-Scientific and artistic in its nature.

-A thinking person’s art.

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