Belt Themes

Each belt level in the IKCA Kenpo curriculum has a distinct theme reflecting what is introduced to the student in the self defense techniques at that particular level. Though not a formal part of the curriculum, these themes can be used to help a student’s understanding of what they are learning. The IKCA Belt Level Themes were developed by Brenda King, 5th Dan and Bill Parsons, 5th Dan. These themes have been approved by Senior Grandmaster Chuck Sullivan for use as a teaching aid.

Laying the foundation.
Putting the fundamental stances, blocks and strikes to immediate, practical use.

Moving away from attacks.
Stepping away from danger and out of holds.

Moving into attacks using traps, grabs & throws.
Stepping towards danger or at least side-stepping and evading.
Stepping into holds, then into take-downs, maintaining control of the attacker.
Introduces Trapping, grabbing and throws.
(5 out 7 techniques either trap or grab and 1 more throws)

Becoming a multi-tasker using arms and legs simultaneously.
Blending & borrowing; introduces simultaneous target attacks,
combination kicks, sweeps and sparring techniques.

Employing the circles; going with the flow.
Explores the Chinese roots of Kenpo in Gung Fu.
Circular motion and flow dictate your moves.
Hand speed is critical here, tied to your body movement.
The “softer” side of the art. The velvet glove over the iron fist.

Harnessing the power; developing the blitz.
Fast, furious and powerful. Learning to put the attacker down, NOW!
Students begin to move like a tornado over Kansas.
Introduces multiple attackers.

Seeing the bigger picture; putting it all together.
The understanding of the system is nearly complete,
although it takes a lifetime to get it nearly perfect.
Kenpo does not exist in a vacuum.
Nearly half of the Black Belt
techniques introduce elements from other martial arts.

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